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Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Chairs ** Incidentally, the chair search continues. This is aggravating.

Another referrer ** This one's a little more along the "Thanks!" lines. Lockergnome is connected with Chris Pirillo and TechTV (Call for Help), etc. Neat that one of the baby bloggers I follow mentioned us in their daily newsletter: "{Gambling babies} I discovered this at Kerry and Joe's Web site while surfing other baby blogs. They have a baby pool going for the child they're expecting March 13, 2003. I entered my guess for theirs, and created a baby pool of my own for this kid who has been doing acrobats for the past six months..."

Funny ** Looking at the referrer stats for my blog for Ceili, I found a link to another blog. I'll spare you the details, but this is an unemployed Canadian blogger who really doesn't sound like the brightest bulb on the tree. Nonetheless, he mentioned me. Now, remember... This is on someone else's blog; i.e. he keeps an online journal. WTF? Oh, well. It gave me a tiny chuckle and I thought I'd share:

"I stumbled across a Pregnancy Blog today at

I can't believe how nerdy people get!!!! Is that nerdy or are people just still trying to save a tree?"

Yep. Saving trees. Not why I was doing it, but I'm damned happy if you think that's why. Trees are good things.

Trying something new ** We had a free lunch today, thanks to a vendor, and I found that my backache completely went away while sitting in a regular old folding chair. So, I'm on a search around my office for a chair - any chair - that won't kill my back. I'm currently in a lovely rust-colored number that so far feels pretty nice. Hope it stays that way or it's on to the "mushroom" chairs next...

Miscellany ** At least I don't feel completely robbed by Joe Millionaire last night. Okay, the first hour was a joke, but maybe the extent of its bad-ness actually made the following hour a bit more entertaining. Could they have made her look more saintly? Geez! I knew the twist had to involve money. That was the whole centerpoint of the show, so it had to happen, right?

Wellllll, long weekend. Hope yours was nice. Highlights from the weekend include the following. Mom and I drove to East Mesa Friday night to buy a dog. Oh. My. God. This dog is so cute. I have a picture from yesterday I'll upload tonight. He's a little, almost 9-week-old pure white Maltese named Wizard. His nose and lips and pads of his feet are imperfect, with intermixed pink and black, which just makes him absolutely and completely perfect in my eyes (and my mom's). The adjustment has been interesting for both of them, but he is amazingly well behaved for a puppy. He even walks to the back door and whimpers when he needs to pee! Hello? We didn't train him to do this! Must've been the breeders or the parents.

Saturday was the peace rally downtown. It was interesting, and I'm glad I went. Some good speakers, some not. There is a strange mix of differing political factions speaking out against this war. That's nice, but I'm still puzzled by the paradox of a "coalition of anarchists." Huh? Doesn't that kind of defeat the point? Anyway, I would have liked to have marched to the Capitol, but in my delicate state we decided against it. As it was, I was sitting in a folding camping Captain's chair like about a half-dozen senior citizens, while everyone else sat on the grass or the ampitheater steps. I felt like an invalid. But nobody seemed to mind when they looked closer at me.

Sunday was a bit more relaxed. Some shopping etc. Joe and I went to see SOS Planet at IMAX. That was fun, but short and a teensy bit too preachy. All in all a good message and wonderful 3-D IMAX fun. Yesterday, I puppy-sat. In other words, I didn't do anything at all. I did less than a half-dozen thank you cards, and last night I finished washing all of the clothes that weren't brand-new girlie clothes. That started a brief nesting fit, and I re-did her closet and dresser and a ton of other things.

Today it's back to work, but only for four more days! And I found out that Psycrone has had a family loss, which is indeed very sad, but means she'll be out part of tomorrow and all of Thursday and Friday! Of course, that means I have to cover for her so it won't be quite as relaxing as I'd planned, but I'm still not sure I'll complain! Heh.