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Friday, January 31, 2003

Why? ** Why can't days be comparable in their busy-ness? Some days (read:yesterday) are absolutely, insanely busy. Other days (read:today) are so slow, you can literally watch the minutes tick by on the clock. If it weren't for my radio keeping me entertained and the neverending need to pee every 15 minutes, I'd be snoring on my keyboard. Yikes. And now that I get no new files anymore from now (well, 1.5 hours from now) until May, well, I've got some boring days ahead. I'd better find a productive way to entertain myself soon.

Poll ** You're nine months pregnant. You are days to weeks from delivering your first child. You and your spouse are very much in love, and about to change your lives forever. This are the last days of your "couple" life.

What do you do for Valentine's Day?

Know-it-all ** Okay, the co-worker I always bitch about (I really need to give her a nickname since I talk about her so much), has crossed a new line today. I was talking to my assistant and another peer about my plans to makeover my hair, and they were beyond excited for me. They're both girlie-girls, and young so they can't wait to see what I do. Well, my problematic co-worker sits right there and she leans back with this look on her face like Armageddon just started. "You're going to dye your hair?" she asked me. "You can't doooo that. You're pregnant!" I kind of snapped at her that it's a myth, and there aren't studies confirming that it's a risk, and even the people who are opposed to it are mostly concerned with women in their first trimesters. Next Thursday (at my appointment) I will be 35 weeks pregnant. You know what? My baby is developed. She's got all her parts, she's just finishing her lungs and growing fat. Getting some highlights in my hair is NOT going to hurt her. I didn't say all of that to her, but it's what I was thinking. She says, "Well, I know my daughter couldn't dye her hair, and I've just never known ANYONE who has gotten their hair dyed during pregnancy. In fact, I know most salons won't even dye your hair if you're pregnant!" My response? "Well, that's funny because the stylist I'm going to see IS pregnant."

Stupid co-worker. She's mad at me now because I didn't willingly take her "advice." She keeps glaring at me as though I've beaten my unborn child with a permanent disabling stick. I really need a nickname for her. Any suggestions? She's old, short, and bitchy.

January? ** The flipping forecast is 85 degrees for today. Need I explain to anyone that I got pregnant in JULY? Which means I wasn't showing until October? Which means I didn't buy any summery maternity clothes? And this was the warmest January in history. I've been piecing together lightweight cotton long-sleeve shirts and capri pants for weeks. I know it's better than -10 in other cities, but still, a nice cooling break would be nice.

Thursday, January 30, 2003

And so it is done ** I have made an appointment for one week from today, Thursday 2/6 at 4:00 p.m. for my new look. I've got a referral from a girl here at work who told me to go see her stylist ages ago. She's going to give me a cut, color and style. Yikes. I'm more nervous than before a dentist's appointment. I realize this is a normal thing for most people, but my hair has been its same, boring self for soooooo long... this will be a serious change for me.

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Better ** Okay, I'm better. I'll be careful what I say, since you never know when/if The Man will read this. But the HR person made me needlessly upset. I'm not talking to her anymore. I have clarified the policy with the resources at my disposal, and had candid conversations with a new mother and another expectant mother (due just before me, but done with the paperwork process). My plans as they are scheduled are fine, the leave will be as I expected and planned, and I flooded my poor unborn daughter with excess adrenaline for no reason. I'm going home now.

Enough ** I want to run away. This has not been a good day.

Annoying ** I hate when something happens like this that send me into a frenzy of panic. I seriously cannot think about or do anything else. I'm sitting here, clicking Refresh, Refresh, Refresh, waiting for the HR person to write me back. I'm not sure I'll be able to function until this is resolved. Ick. I hate panic and stress. Normally I don't get stressed, really. It's just that I had everything completely squared away. Even my manager was up to speed on my plans, I'm going to stop taking new files after this week, everything is set. And now? Ugh. Please write me back already!!!

Challenger ** Can you believe it's been seventeen years since the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded? Wow! I was in 5th grade (I think? I was 10), and we were all watching it on TV in our classroom, I think there was another class or two in there with us. When it happened, I don't remember anyone saying a word, except maybe "What happened?" But I remember one teacher started crying and had to leave the classroom. They didn't turn the TV off right away, either, I remember that. Nobody knew what to do at all! So, where were you? What do you remember?

Hump Day ** Any day that starts off with the dog puking repeatedly has to get better, right?

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Tinkle ** Truly, is there a limit to the number of times a person can pee in one day? I'm tempted to move my computer and phone into a bathroom stall. It shouldn't cost the company any more than (a) my lack of productivity while shuffling and clenching my way to the bathroom every five seconds or (b) the cost of replacing the carpet I'll surely have ground down to miniscule fibers by the time I depart from here on maternity leave.

One more thing ** Will anyone kill me if I say I'm sick of the 80-degree January weather? I know, I know. It's freezing everywhere else. But this is boring. And too warm. Our flower garden was tricked into thinking it's spring and is in full bloom. Very weird.

Blogger ** is back. Sorry I was absent yesterday - Blogger went down pretty early and I never got a chance to post. Hope you all had wonderful weekends. Mine was productive, but not very relaxing. It feels good to get so much done now. Next time you see Joe, ask him about his "storage shed technology." He believes he is in a higher stage of personal development now. :-) It's a long story.