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friday, november 1 :::
+ BOIN-gy, BOIN-gy +
Never in my life did I think I would appreciate what it feels to be one of those gigantic, inflatable bouncy rooms that kids go into bright-eyed and shoeless. Now that I do, I sense I have discovered one more wonderful thing that only mothers can ever truly understand. Keep on bouncin', Ceili!

::: posted by Kerry at 12:18 PM

+ Movements +
I think you've been having the hiccups. Several times now I've felt this weird, rhythmic bumping, and I couldn't figure out what it was. I thought then, and I suppose I still think it's possible that it was my muscles twitching somehow from the strain being put on them. But it didn't seem to be in a rhythm with my own heart or anything, which I would think it would have been. Anyway. You move soooo much, you actually woke me up last night. I wasn't sleeping well anyway, but that didn't help. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE feeling you, and wish I could tell better what I was feeling. But sometimes it's just not completely comfortable. Basically any time I barely rolled even onto the edge of my stomach on either side, you kicked or punched me there until I moved. Thanks. :-) Well, baby, it's November. Four months, plus a little, and we'll get to meet. Cool.

::: posted by Kerry at 7:29 AM

thursday, october 31 :::
+ Ow +
I've been in a bit of discomfort, bordering on pain, every morning for a while now. This morning I hurt quite a bit. I'm trying to walk around some, and drink some more water since I think that's influencing it. But in all, I think it's just my abdomen and pelvic area adjusting to their new inhabitant. That's the only thing I can figure.

TODAY is 21 weeks! How cool!

::: posted by Kerry at 8:32 AM

wednesday, october 30 :::
+ Officially halfway +
...and then one day, you look up and see this: 50% of your pregnancy has passed, there is 50% left to go. Wow.

::: posted by Kerry at 2:03 PM

+ Same old +
Nothing new. I've gotten a couple of cute outfits for you in the last couple of days, and worked on the last bit of your changing table last night. But that's really it. Tomorrow is 21 weeks, and I'm definitely feeling it. You're still moving but not quite as distinctly as Monday night. I guess you knew daddy was at school and wouldn't be home to try feeling you again. Princess was lying flat on my chest/tummy this morning for our morning "kissy" ritual, and it amused me to think pretty soon you'll probably start kicking her when she does that. I can just imagine the look of horror on her face if my stomach poked her. Heh heh.

::: posted by Kerry at 9:29 AM

tuesday, october 29 :::
+ Our little runner +
Well, alrighty then. Last night was a culmination of your incredibly busy, active baby boogy-ing. It was the first time you *really* kicked me. And I don't mean once. I mean like a dozen times! Daddy tried twice to feel you, but wasn't patient enough. I am pretty sure if I'd had the light on all the way and had been patient enough myself I would have seen your little kicks in my lower belly, not just felt them. Of course, about an hour later, I felt something on the other upper side of my belly, so who knows what body part that was?! That was a terribly exciting night. You've been pretty active already today too, and it's only 8:00! I think maybe all of that cramping and stretching over the weekend was you making more room for yourself. Most mommies say their babies will be a soccer player with kicks like that, but your Daddy and I know you're just practicing for being a runner. It's in the family so I'm not sure you have much choice!

Finished your toybox last night and the last of the green part of your changing table. Now we just need to paint the purple part of the changing table and figure out how to assemble it. Hee hee. That might be a little tricky. Then I have to paint your dresser and I'm done.

::: posted by Kerry at 7:12 AM

monday, october 28 :::
+ Carried away +
I feel sometimes like I'm getting carried away on your room, doing everything now when you won't be here for another 4 months or so... But then I remember that I'm going to get bigger and it might get harder for me to do all the things I'm doing right now. Plus, if I get it done, I won't have it as an excuse to avoid all the other things I need to do. Daddy and I went and got your crib Friday night, and changed your bed-set to a pretty purple and green one instead of the green quilt we were going to do. It's so pretty, and a bit more girl-ish than the original one. The crib is white too, and we were going to do cherry, but I am really glad we settled on white. Your bedroom isn't very big and the cherry would have overpowered the room. I painted almost all of your toybox (purple and green), and part of your changing table. All I have left is to finish those and paint your dresser... and it's all pretty much done then! I keep peeking in there and imagining you in your little bed. Not that I really can, but I try.

You were not very active this weekend, which worried me a little. But you are more than making up for it today! I'm not sure what you're doing in there, but you have no interest in sitting still. I don't think I've gone more than 1/2 hour without feeling you since I got to work this morning! I love it, though. Please keep it up!

Oh, and we discovered that Princess is mortally afraid of your Horton elephant stuffed animal. I figure it will be one of your favorites, and it sings a cute song. But when he roars in the beginning of his tunes, Princess flips out. It's pretty amusing, actually, though I'm sure the neighbors were sick of hearing her bark! We're hoping to get her used to it before you get here. I'd hate for her to bark every time she sees that toy!

::: posted by Kerry at 10:36 AM

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