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Thursday, October 24, 2002

Rockin' ** This music festival sounds like fun. It's March 14-15, though, so if the baby's late in coming (due 3/13), it might be a good way to rock it on out of me! Ha!

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Google Searches ** I'm sorry, but contrary to my impressive #1 rating on these search results, I have positively no idea what crack cocaine smells like. You'll have to look elsewhere.

On an unrelated note, happy birthday to my wonderful brother, Chris!!! You're old.

I *heart* my mommy ** It's called Prinzmetal's angina, which is quite rare, but it's not usually fatal. It was a long day yesterday, and apparently she had a rough night last night. But the diagnosis, all in all, is a good one. Her heart is generally healthy, and she doesn't have the problems usually associated with heart/artery/angina problems. There are medicinal treatments and a lot of observation ahead of her, but all she's doing right now is resting at home. I'm just relieved she's okay, and thankful for the fairly optimistic outcome.

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

No place like home ** I'm home and everything's okay. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers! I'll update more tomorrow. I'll be bringing her home tomorrow morning.

Monday, October 21, 2002

So sad ** Yeah, I know, I'm a sap and a pregnant one at that. But this practically had me bawling at my desk. It's so hard to imagine this happening, but I know it happens all the time. Today, my immediate family (completely immediate, like in my house) includes Joe and Princess. No matter how old my children are, and no matter where we go in life, Princess is a part of our family. We made that decision before we brought her into our family. It's so heartbreaking to think of others like her who meet their ends alone. (FYI: I think that link has midi, but my sound was off; if you don't want sound, turn it off before going.) Found through Sherry.

Another case of the Mondays ** The weekend was too fast and I just can't get motivated today. Part of it is not feeling fabulous, part of it is wishing the weekend hadn't gone so fast, and part of it is knowing that I will spend all day tomorrow in the hospital. However, I had a really nice time at the Fair with my mom, my brother and Joe on Saturday (though I walked WAY too much for the baby's enjoyment, I think), and church yesterday was a much-needed diversion. Many prayers were said and I feel calm about tomorrow.

I know I keep being elusive because for my family's privacy I don't want to get into details. My mother needs a procedure for a heart problem they found last week, and it's tomorrow. It's major, but not major, you know? Like the procedure is standard and normal, but it's so scary what could have happened if they hadn't found out. Fortunately they did, and now I'm not thinking about the "what might have been" stuff. We just go one day at a time and, God willing, all will be fine in another day or two.

Anyway, all of those things on top of not sleeping well (baby was rollin' and kickin' and I'm not used to it yet, so I couldn't get comfortable), and today's going to be a long day. I am avoiding answering my phone (and I never do that; I'm known for how diligent I am about my phone. And I'm surfing the web. Healthy, I know. Oh, well. I'm in good spirits, I'm just not motivated. That's the way it's gonna be I guess!