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friday, october 18 :::
+ Scotties +
Hmmmmm, yeah... Your mommy has a problem, Baby O. I've been spending the last hour searching for just about the cutest baby clothes I've ever seen. You see, last Christmas, I went shopping with Aunt Ember at a new mall in Chandler, and they have a Gymboree store there. Well, the holiday line last year was all Scottie dogs. I was in love. They had a blanket I curse myself to this day for not buying for myself! Well, lo and behold! There are a ton of Gymboree Holiday Cheer 2001 things on eBay. Go figure. You don't even want to know how many things I've bid on already. I really hope you like red and black. Heh.

::: posted by Kerry at 2:00 PM

+ Friday +
Nothing new and fancy, just the same old story. I did finish painting all the baseboards and trim yesterday, and pulled all the tape. Now we just need to have Daddy finish the ceiling (soon, I hope), and do a little touch-up on the edges where the tape pulled some of the paint off. I also started the chore of painting your furniture by painting a raw pine shelf I got for you a few weeks ago. It has the base coat, and now I just need to personalize it a little with the green and purple. I'm finally getting to start on some of the fun stuff! We're at 19w1d, and trucking along. You're moving quite a bit today, and I'm pretty crampy so I think I slept in some weird positions I shouldn't have slept in. I felt 2 or 3 leg cramps coming on last night too! That annoyed me, but I was able to head them off as they started coming. It's a bad omen; I'll probably have them the rest of the pregnancy, from what I've read. Yippee!

::: posted by Kerry at 11:39 AM

thursday, october 17 :::
+ Forgiveness +
So, will you forgive me if we name you Ceili? That's your daddy's current favorite choice. That, or Keeley, which is not the same name of course, but he likes it anyway. But if you spend your whole life pronouncing and spelling Ceili for people, will you always be mad at us? We need to ponder this one more, but the way you're moving in there, maybe naming you after an Irish party is oddly appropriate.

::: posted by Kerry at 3:26 PM

+ Wowza +
Insanity. It's sheer insanity. We can't possibly be 19 weeks pregnant, can we? I made a comment to daddy last night that I feel like a cow, I feel so big. He just smiled and said, "You're supposed to. You're pregnant." Oh yeah. I know that, but I just can't get my reality wrapped around being 19 whole weeks pregnant. That's craziness. Next Thursday, we'll be officially halfway there (at least to the estimated due date).

How are you feeling in there? You're not getting too cramped are you? I feel you groovin' around plenty, but I can't wait to be able to tell which part of you I'm feeling! Your room's almost done. Your daddy spent much of his day yesterday trying to work on it. All that's left of the painting is the baseboards and the ceiling. Then we can hang your curtains, paint your furniture, get the crib and make your room all yours! It's so hard to imagine there will be a baby living in there in about 21 WEEKS! Oh my gosh, that's soon!

::: posted by Kerry at 11:15 AM

wednesday, october 16 :::
+ Hump day +
I'm just cranky today, partly from good ol' pregnancy hormones and partly from an annoying and sad night followed by a night of bad dreams. The only happy thoughts I'm having this exact moment are about you, snug in your warm little "room" and oblivious to my moods. Thank goodness.

::: posted by Kerry at 7:58 AM

tuesday, october 15 :::
+ Nothing new +
It's just another day in the life of mommy and baby. You're so much easier to take care of in my tummy than you will be in a few months. Of course, we'll get more joy from you when you're here with us and not in my tummy. But it's handy being able to take you everywhere with me now.

There's nothing really new. I did forget to tell you that Daddy and I decided last weekend that your name will not be spelled Kaylee like we were originally settling on. It dawned on us that the natural nickname from that is "Kay" and neither of us finds that acceptable. So, however we spell it, it won't begin with "Kay." That's all we've decided on so far, besides the general pronunciation. I keep meaning to make a list for Daddy to look at and choose from, but I haven't remembered when I've had the time. Maybe tonight when we go to visit Aunt Ember. We're having Girls' Night over there - and you are the newest member!

::: posted by Kerry at 10:17 AM

monday, october 14 :::
+ Dates +
By the way, I haven't updated in a while. We are at 18 weeks, 4 days. Also known as 44% of the way there. Yikes! That's actually kind of scary!

::: posted by Kerry at 2:29 PM

+ Good morning +
I know it's not morning, but you suddenly woke up! My goodness you are antsy today. On Saturday, I poked you, and you hit me back. I have no idea with what, but you definitely kicked or poked or bumped me back. Your daddy was happy to hear that and if you keep doing the fun acrobatics you're doing right now, he should be able to feel you in no time. Keep it up!

Your room's almost ready for furniture and actual decorating. Daddy and I just have to finish the paint job on the ceiling and trim, and then you're set! We're going to go get your crib next weekend for sure, and hang the curtains and start painting the rest of the furniture that goes in there. We were joking the whole time that you won't appreciate any of this, but when we're staring at walls at 3:00 in the morning with you, at least we'll appreciate the improvements!

::: posted by Kerry at 2:26 PM

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