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Thursday, September 26, 2002

The Full Monty ** By the way, Monty has made it thus far without castration. Of course, he was watched carefully for the hour he was awake in the house last night, then slept in his crate, then promptly went outside for a day of outside play with Princess this morning. That's where they are now, roughhousing like only doggie siblings can. In the 1/2 hour I watched them play through the window this morning, I saw Monty "mark" the basketball (Princess's favorite toy) twice. Well, I guess it's better than my bedroom doorways!

Mucho Stupido ** Yeah, so, my arm hurt yesterday, right? I stopped at the baby doc yesterday for blood tests, then went home and it was killing me. Finally, I put it in an ace bandage. That worked fine - it felt much better not moving around. Fast forward to this morning. I woke up, got out of bed, walked into the living room and looked at my arm. My hand was swollen to practically twice its normal size. Oops. Yeah, I had the bandage on too tight (I loosened it twice!), and cut off circulation to my hand. Well, I took it off of course. The color's fine, the temperature's fine, I have full feeling in every part of the hand and fingers. It's just huge. I have been trying to work it and massage it, and my fingers are almost back to normal, but the back of my hand is still HUGE. Nice.

On the plus side, it fixed my arm. It feels as good as new. Heh.

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Ow! ** This isn't amusing anymore. My arm really really hurts. And I'm supposed to be meeting our client for the very first time in 1/2 hour. This isn't fair.

Uncomfortably numb ** I slept on my arm, I think, and now it is numb. I've been awake for almost 3 hours, showered, ironed, dressed, drove myself to work, etc., and it hurts. I don't see anything obvious to explain it, but it hurts and it's about 1/2 numb. Very, very annoying.

Last night was a catch-up night. Lots of people called, and Kendra dropped by. It was nice to chat very briefly with friends and know they're doing okay. Ember is hanging in there and heading up to the cabin for some R&R this weekend. I'm very proud of her, and worried at the same time. Found out, too, that we'll be baby-sitting Princess's brother Monty (my brother's Scottie) for part of the weekend since his daddies will both be traveling (Chris to San Francisco for a festival, Mason working as a flight attendant overnight somewhere). I love Monty, but if he pees on the carpet in my doorways, I'm castrating him. Fair warning.

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Drinking ** Okay, I'm not allowed to drink anymore. That's fine, I don't really miss it most of the time. But I am not so far removed from the times when I could go to happy hour or whatever that I don't remember what it's like. I definitely remember having a drink or two, and doing the debate in my head: "Can I drive or not? I'm fine. It's not far." Now, before everyone yells at me, I said I have that debate after a drink or two. I have been known to call loved ones once or twice after more drinks than that, asking them to come rescue me because I just don't quite feel right to drive. So I am not forgiving when you drink for hours and drive yourself home. Especially now, with this baby on the way. I morbidly visualize my mom bringing the baby home from babysitting and a drunk driver smashing into the side of their car and killing both of them. It sickens me. I don't want to hear excuses, just don't do it. There are cabs (many of which will transport you free if you're too intoxicated), and if you know me IRL, call me! Yeah, I'm pregnant, but the only thing that means is I'm likely to be sober any time of the day or night. No excuses. "I didn't know I was too drunk" is both not true, and not reasonable, especially if you drink for hours on end. How stupid am I?

Monday, September 23, 2002

All a matter of perspective ** I was talking to a customer of mine who's relocating from Michigan to Phoenix. I told her that it was hot today (107, to be precise), but that it's cooling down and this weekend it should be in the upper-90's. I said it with such happiness, I was startled when she kind of snort-laughed like I'd made a joke. No, I meant it. We're all very excited down here, I can assure you, to see the 90's coming back. All I could say to her was: "Well, when you've lived here for a while, 90's sound good." I don't think she was comforted by that. Oops.

Monday, Monday, Can't Trust That Day ** Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was horribly busy, but actually very nice. We got HBO and Cinemax this weekend, so we're finally out of the dark ages. We also learned how to cut Princess's coat, which was quite an experience. I think we did remarkably well, though I am far more critical of our work than Joe is. He thinks she's gorgeous. She won't let us use the clippers on her head or chest, though, so I had to kind of scissor-cut her there. Not perfect, but it's a start. We figure with some practice, and letting her get used to the clippers weekly, we'll have her trained in no time.

Lots of other stuff happening, but nothing really newsworthy. Happy birthday to Joe's best friend Tom today, even though he doesn't read this. I hope he has fun tonight when the boys hit the town. *wince* I don't even want to know what they're going to do! I know what I'm going to do... eat macaroni and cheese and watch football. Perfect!