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friday, september 20 :::
+ Poundage +
Oh, and the inaccurate scale at home was right: We lost another pound. :-( I'm going to have ice cream for lunch. Over 3.5 months pregnant, and I'm down about 2 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight. I'm hoping this Dr.'s scale was set differently.

::: posted by Kerry at 10:39 AM

+ Primary Care +
Well, the Dr. said not to worry about the thing under my arm. He was very brusque, but he did feel around it very carefully and deeply, and said it was either a vein or a ligament, but neither was anything to be concerned about. I kind of felt like a hypochondriac the way he acted, but I remind myself that I have to check on these things or they'll worry me. I even felt like I had to defend myself and say, "I'm not really a hypochondriac; I haven't been to the regular doctor in probably 8 or 9 months!" I don't think he cared though.

We're 15 weeks, 1 day now. I think I'm going to take your daddy on a date tonight. He's had a hard week of work and he deserves a nice night out. Baby O., you get to come with us of course. Don't get used to it. Someday, I'll insist on Date Night With Daddy while you stay at home with one of your four grandmas. So enjoy it while you can!

::: posted by Kerry at 10:37 AM

wednesday, september 18 :::
+ Daddy +
Oh, yeah, and your daddy was amusing last night. He believes me about feeling the baby, and he was telling it to poke me as I was going to bed. "Poke, poke, poke." Unfortunately, it didn't listen to him. He also told me I was sexy when I showed him my rapidly growing belly and the lovely denim maternity capris I wore yesterday. He meant it too! I weighed myself, and it looks like I might be down a pound, but we really do own the world's most unreliable scale. How this belly can keep protruding like it's filled with a 5 pound alien growth without me gaining a single pound is beyond me. I'm hoping to find out at the Dr. tomorrow that I have gained some. I never imagined I'd be hoping to gain weight.

::: posted by Kerry at 2:55 PM

+ Just as I predicted +
Not feeling you anymore. It was just a teaser, wasn't it? Oh, well. I know it will happen again, probably when I stop expecting it! Anyway, didn't feel so great last night, even though the day started off great. Last night I was the most nauseous I've been the whole pregnancy. I think it was all the candy I ate yesterday afternoon. :-) I brought Halloween candy in early, and it's sitting here on my desk calling my name. I never did throw up, but I sure thought I was going to. Then this morning, I woke up with horrendous ligament pain. That was nice. I figured a nice warm shower would help (which it did), but discovered a lump of something in my right armpit. Now, I don't know what it is, and I don't want to freak myself out. It might be nothing, it might be a clogged milk duct, it might be fatty tissue, it might be anything. I called the Dr. today and made an appointment for tomorrow afternoon. This is a new primary care doctor for me; I switched months ago, but haven't been to see him. So he gets to meet me, Celiac Disease, 3.5 months pregnant, and with a lump in my armpit. I'm sure he'll think I'm falling apart! Poor guy. But I'm thrilled they could get me in so soon - I could've gone today! But it wasn't late enough, and I would've had to take 1/2 hour off work. Tomorrow's is later, so I'll be okay.

Well, that's my fun. Baby O., you can't do this because you're busy doing the backstroke in my uterus, but to anyone else who reads along here: I've set up a guessing game on Expectnet.com. You can go here and enter your guesses for Baby O.'s gender, birthday, weight and length. Go on, do it! I have it set up where you can enter more than one guess, but please don't. You will have future opportunities to revise your guess if you so desire. That's okay. There will be a winner. Who knows what you'll win? I have 6 months to think about it!

::: posted by Kerry at 10:26 AM

tuesday, september 17 :::
+ Movement +
This is driving me batty. Irony or not, after I posted that, now I'm having these weird flutters. I don't have any gas right now, I'm almost certain. I keep wiggling my legs while I sit here (fidgeting like my mom always tells me not to), and every time I stop, I feel a weird twitch. Boy if that's not you, my body's doing a really good job of tricking me. Now that I'm paying attention I probably won't feel you (again?) for 4 more weeks.

::: posted by Kerry at 8:06 AM

+ Feelings, whoa-whoa-whoa, feelings +
Boy, I thought I felt something this morning. More accurately, I did feel something, the jury's just out on what it was. Daddy had to work early this morning, so I woke up by myself. Princess was in bed with me (of course), but was letting me hog the bed for once. I was sprawled out in a weird position, and when I woke up, I stretched and rolled over onto my back. I stretched again, and then as I was lying still, the weirdest little feelings happened low in my belly. I felt what seriously felt like a miniature little poke. I figured it was a muscle going back in place (probably a ligament). So I didn't move, I was just watching Princess do her stretches too... and I felt it again. I think in total I felt it 4 times, and it was in the same general area, but not exactly the same place I don't think. It was probably ligaments. But it's fun to pretend it just might have been you. :-) I'm almost 15 weeks. It's not completely unheard of!

::: posted by Kerry at 7:35 AM

monday, september 16 :::
+ 1/3 +
The little pregnancy calendar says we're 33% of the way there! That's nice to know. I've got a myriad tiny pregnancy/body complaints, but I'm trying not to think about them. I'm telling everyone I feel great, and emotionally and mentally that's true! Physically, well, it's not the greatest time of my life, but it definitely could be worse. :-) I'm waiting to feel you, Baby O. When I lie still at night, or watching TV, I try to stop moving completely and breathe slowly just in case I can feel a little kick or something. Nothing yet, but that's to be expected. Weird that you are probably almost 4 inches long... I should be able to feel something 4 inches long moving inside of me, shouldn't I? I guess not yet. Anyway, hope you're having a good time in there. We'll get to see you again in 2.5 weeks. Boy, that seems a long way away!

::: posted by Kerry at 8:47 AM

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