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Saturday, May 04, 2002

Michelin Man ** Season's Michelin picture is cracking me up this morning. I can only imagine how swollen and tired she must be. Not much longer, Season!

Saturday working ** I'm at work today, aren't you jealous? Actually, it's not too bad. I volunteered to work a 6-hour Saturday shift, manning our new weekend toll-free number, and I get a comp day whenever I want in return. Since I had already requested June 10-14 off for NHD Nationals, and one of those days is a Personal Volunteer Day, this extra comp day will mean I only have to take 3 of my vacation days. That seems like a nice deal to me. More time in November for an anniversary trip. (Or random baby-shopping days, if I'm lucky!).

Anyway, hope you're having a fabulous work-free weekend, everyone!

Friday, May 03, 2002

No Friday Five ** Friday Five is kaput this week. Of course, the first time in weeks I remember to do it! So, it dawned on me that I haven't been doing my 7 thankful things (as inspired by Wil). Here we go...
1. Good friends who choose to take me with them to Diamondbacks games (I went last night with Michelle, I'm going tonight with Melissa)
2. Diamondbacks winning games
3. The opportunity to see inspired middle- and high-school kids participate in National History Day
4. The beauty of technology so I can share in my friends' new and forthcoming bundles of joy: Exhibits A, B, C, D, E, F, G
5. The kindness of major restaurant chains when answering my emails about the ingredients of my favorite dining choices
6. Genuine humor and laughter from people at work who aren't even my friends (we just had a hilarious gingko biloba thing going a moment ago - "I can't even remember to take it!" Trust me, it was funny)
7. This last week, when my husband has finally relaxed, and is showing me in every glance, every word, every day, just how much he really does love me. I feel loved this week, and that is the greatest thing in the world.

Thursday, May 02, 2002

Well armed militia ** What do you all think about pilots carrying guns? I don't blame them for feeling vulnerable, and angry. But shouldn't pilots be paying attention to the most important part of flying a plane - flying it - especially in the event of a crisis onboard? I am entirely in favor of strengthening cockpit doors, and even having non-lethal weapons (i.e. stun guns) in some passenger-proof location. But a pilot leaving the controls to play Rambo in the event of an uprising? That just doesn't sound smart to me.

Wednesday, May 01, 2002

This is something my mother and I were discussing a week or two ago. I think I have been blessed already by the fact that I found a wonderful husband, and we have embarked on this baby-making journey still fairly young (I will be 27 in July). Part of me always wished it would be sooner, but as all American women probably understand, I figured I had control over my destiny and lots of time to work it all out. It's a huge travesty that so many women think they have time to establish their careers, then have children... only to find out they can't. I'm not going to soapbox here about how we need to de-paternalize our society, but I do think more women should learn about this earlier. 90% of college-educated, professional women (earning $55K+) thought they could easily get pregnant in their forties. In reality, "by the time a woman is 42 years old, ninety percent of her eggs are abnormal, and there is only an 8 percent chance of having a baby without donor eggs." That's astonishing.

May Day, May Day ** I just can't believe it's May already! This year is whizzing by. Whether protesting against inhumanely long working hours or against immigration, or globalization, or war, or simply celebrating the original pagan spring celebration, complete with maypoles, I hope you have a pleasant day. And if you're a Morris Dancer, well, more power to you!

Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Friends ** Um, yeah. I had a great big friends post here. I changed my mind. I don't feel like spending the next week on the phone with my friends, explaining myself. They will undoubtedly not get what I was saying. Sometimes venting does more harm than good.

Why? ** Why don't I have normal friends? I attract the most unusual friends, I swear.

Clomiphene Day One ** Today I will take my first Clomid. Boy, I hope this stuff works. The last few days have been nice, and fairly relaxing. I've been trying to keep things mellow and simple, so that's probably why I haven't posted here a lot. I know my last few entries have been boring, and I promise to do something about that.

Monday, April 29, 2002

Move along now ** Get out of my county! I guess it's good to have increasing population, in terms of economic growth (and property values). But c'mon! Our little corner of the desert is home to 3.19 million people? We're going to run out of water by next year!

Another weekend, gone ** It was a nice weekend, but entirely too short. The National History Day state finals were fun, but it always gives me mixed feelings. I love to see the kids who win, the excitement in their eyes as they realize they get to go to Washington, D.C. But I hate seeing the kids who don't. Some were mad, a few cried. There are times when I wish it didn't have to be a competitive forum. But it is, and that's the way it goes. As a kid, I got to experience both sides, and I got over it. I know they will too.

We gave in and bought the expansion pack for the Settlers, and had lots of people over to play Saturday night. Sunday we planted 3 bushes and bought Princess a puppy bed - she has taken to sleeping in my laundry basket lately. That is not acceptable!