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Saturday, February 02, 2002

No sir, don't mean maybe ** My dog is a freak. She is growling at air, and running laps through the house, for no apparent reason. I think she's pissed that nobody's played with her much this morning. Joe's off running errands, and I'm about to do the same. I didn't drink much last night, fortunately, so other than being a little sad this morning I feel fine. Plus we're going to see Major Lingo tonight, which has me horribly excited. I'll tell you all the story about them someday too. Hope you have a wonderful Super Bowl weekend!

Friday, February 01, 2002

If wishes were fishes ** Big fat negative. Sorry folks. It'll have to wait. I'll be a little more quiet next time, don't worry. :-) I'm fine. I am just going to the bar with my husband to play some trivia and drink some beer. Probably too much. :-)

An apple a day ** Sorry for the lateness of my posting. I've been at the Dr.'s this morning (no, not related in any way to pregnancy), and I'm just peachy. Thank God. Now of course I'm pathetically busy at work. That's how it goes for me lately. Anyway, it's Friday and I'm a happy happy girl. I'm getting amusing emails this morning too. If I get some time, I'll share them with you...

Thursday, January 31, 2002

Play ball! ** Ahhhhh, baseball is coming so soon! I like these World Series seasons - they leave less off time. I think we should make this a habit.

...don't say anything at all. ** You know, this is not a passworded site. My wedding site is not passworded (though pared down for some privacy). My photo albums are not passworded. I do, however, belong to a couple of internet locales that require passwords. There are things I discuss and show there that I don't discuss or show elsewhere, and plenty I don't show anywhere. I guess I figure no matter where you are or how peaceful your corner of the 'net may seem, you just never know. And I've certainly found out just how true that is on more than one occasion. So why open yourself up for people you don't like to see things you might not want them to see, and then be surprised when they do? I don't know. It seems quite a contradiction to me. If it's private, password it. If you don't care, don't. Simple as that.

/rant mode

Pennies ** Nobody is taking the pennies. This experiment sucks. I wonder where I should put them next.

Patience is not my forte ** Joe insisted that I wait to test. Well, he was just doing what I told him to do. I told him on Monday morning that I didn't want to test until Saturday or Sunday, no matter what I said to the contrary. Yeah. So, I'm waiting. Saturday I will, if I still need to (I'm currently only 5 days late - it could still come!). I think I'll stop "talking" about it for now, because I'm not entirely sure when I'll post it on here anyway. So, if you want to know after Saturday, you can email me. Or watch here for info in a couple of months.

Like I'll be able to hold it in that long. Right.

Wednesday, January 30, 2002

Bee-yooo-ti-ful! **

Make my day ** I am so sick today. I have gone to the bathroom a dozen times thinking I was going to throw up, but still nothing. I've had six women here at work innocently ask me, "Wow, are you pregnant?" Geez. I think I'm just sick, but I guess I'd better take that test tonight.

Winter Wonderland, more or less ** Well, according to the news we had a mixture of snow and rain this morning. Other than being bloody cold, I haven't seen proof of the snow claim. Too bad. But let this be a warning to those of you in the path of this thing: It's a nasty storm. Stay inside and be warm and dry.

Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Snow day!!! ** We live in a desert. Cactus. Mirages. Heat stroke. Snow? Kick butt, they're actually forecasting snow for tomorrow morning! Break out the mittens, I'm getting up at 4 a.m. to see it because I'm sure it'll be over before I get up otherwise.

Then again, I remember a day in July 2000 when they forecast snow too. That was a typo. I hope this one isn't.

Penny Press **
R.M. [my associate, passing by]: "Is that your tip, Jill?" (laughter)
Jill [the boss]: "No, isn't that weird? Wonder where they came from."

Monday, January 28, 2002

Rest in Peace ** Marjan the lion in Kabul's zoo passed away over the weekend. I hope people turn their prayers and wishes to the people who suffered as the lion did throughout Afghanistan. I was moved by his story; I admit I knew more about his life than any other single living creature in the country (except the Taliban and al Qaida stories that have been shoved down our throats). And yet all along, innocent and not-so-innocent people have been suffering and dying from old and new wounds inflicted from fierce battle. I wish I knew their stories, and I hope someday we will.

Life and love in the wasteland ** is the revised English-German-English title. I like it. It works for me.

Drunk Babel Fish ** I finally had a good laugh today. I found this today, courtesy of Billegible. You can translate your site into another language using something like Google's translator, as we all know or don't care. Well, what if you translate it into, say, German, and then translate it back? Will it be the same? Oh, no, dear Reader, it will not. You will get lovely sentences like this one: "How do I seize it, if my child is a Goer and I do better than this nut/mother, a bending there excessively and screaming at its child in a seat of final frustration?" Try it yourself! See my English->German->English translation!

Ponderings ** In the midst of my hectic weekend, I did get the chance to do a little more thinking. The nausea kind of pushed things into a higher gear for me. Sure, it's probably nothing, but it made me think "What if this is it? What happens next? I know we're ready, but are we ready?" I know, that probably sounds obvious to you and it did to me too until it was me. Now I'm wondering what it will really be like to be a parent. When do you start to feel like a parent? When do you get all the answers? I know, you never really get them, which is one of those great childhood mysteries you get to debunk as you get older.

But I have more basic questions too that I never had any reason to think about. Like, what is it like to be home, just us, with a collicky newborn at 2 a.m. and nobody around? What kind of pacifier do we use and what exactly is an orthodontic pacifier anyway? How will I handle it when my child is being a brat and will I do better than that mother over there, bending over and screaming at her child in a fit of utter frustration? Am I already being a bad mother for planning to go back to work after two months? That's only the tip of the iceberg. There are millions of questions I need to find answers for.

But strangely, I feel even more ready, maybe because of this controlled panic. It's just a new world we'll be entering, sooner or later. Maybe this nausea is just some sort of stomach bug.

Updates ** We had a lovely, quick weekend. I spent lots of time with Ember, attended a bridal shower for Joe's cousin, planned my sister's bridal shower and bachelorette party, and spent time with my parents. I've been nauseous for about 5 days now, mostly in the morning. TMI, I know, but still... It makes me wonder. Princess got injected with a microchip today, which will carry her immunization/Rabies information, and identify her if she ever gets lost and taken to a shelter. God forbid. Fortunately, I was not present when she got the shot with the huge needle. I was informed later that she did not like it much, and I would not have handled it well. This morning, it appears that the pennies have moved approximately 8 inches further down from the corner of the boss's cubicle. I'm not sure how they moved, but they're still neatly stacked. I will keep watching them for more exciting updates.