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Thursday, September 06, 2001

I just got wonderful news about a friend of mine who just found out she is going to be a mother. Congratulations!!!

The baby train is leaving the station, and I am not on it. Nor is my other friend, who thought she had a ticket. I know God has a time for us all, but now is the first time in my life I get to feel the conflicting feelings of jealousy, sympathy and joy related to parenthood. It doesn't diminish my joy for the 1/2 dozen couples in our tight-knit group of friends, but it does make you think about things.

Wednesday, September 05, 2001

How sad are human beings? I'm reflecting on the Dateline special last night, with the kid who held a class at gunpoint here in Phoenix. My brother went to that elementary school, so it was of some interest to me. The clueless, messed-up kid. He is "happy" now, because his parents visited him in prison and told him how much they loved him. Apparently, this was all he ever wanted. He never wanted or intended to hurt or scare anyone, just get attention from his parents. Something is very wrong in the world.

Just goes to show you... You really can be anywhere and be confronted with unsavory folk. My office complex is in a snobby suburb of Phoenix, north Scottsdale. The average house up here is almost $500K and Mercedes and fake-tanned women are as ubiquitous as cacti. Yet, when we went down to have a break, we were ushered inside by a quickly-arriving police officer who was looking for a stolen car (and more?) suspect who'd taken off on foot. Of course, we hung around hoping to catch a glimpse of the "salt and pepper" haired would-be criminal, but no such luck. Of note: The police chick who sped through our parking lot didn't even know what the suspect was wearing. Um, hello? Just the hair. Yeah. 'Cause that ought to narrow down the search. Sheesh.

I actually got to do something productive at work today! Okay, it was only 15 minutes' worth of work, but at least it was work. I really must find something to do so I stop snacking so much. These people always have munchy food around - it's very dangerous.

Tuesday, September 04, 2001

ANTS! It's all because of ants! For several weeks now, I have been suffering a mystery ailment. I keep waking up and discovering bug bites. I never seem to get them during the day, and figured I must have been getting them outside in the evening. But it never really made sense. Finally, I got the bug guy to come and investigate. Apparently we have a virtual ant condominium under our bedroom window. These are some supersonic miniature nocturnal ants, and they have bored a miniature tunnel right into our bedroom! So, basically, they're commuting through their little tunnel sometime in the wee hours of the morning, feasting on both of us and swaggering back, full, before we ever wake up. Great! Needless to say, their fun has come to an abrupt chemical end. The exterminator fulfilled his title and in two weeks (when they're gone), we will mortar over their little tunnel. Meanwhile, my poor arms and legs can finally heal. I'm glad we caught this before they started going to town on our new roommate, my brother's dog Monty.

So, I do have an observation to make this afternoon... Work is a wonderful thing -- personal fulfillment, financial gain, blah blah blah -- but not if you're not doing anything at work. I'm enjoying the social aspects of my new job, and the company as a whole, but there just isn't any work to do yet. Not very personally fulfilling. At least they're paying me fairly well to take up space; that's some consolation.

Yay! I'm finally in on the Blogger craze!