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friday, august 9 :::
+ Good things +
I ran across this today, and on a day when I'm only feeling so-so, it's something I am sure will make me smile for months. I know you're in there, and it seems in the last couple of days, I'm starting to show (to myself). Nobody else can tell, but I can. Your daddy and I made a bet about when I'd really start showing. I guessed in a month and a half. He guessed three. Silly daddy. Of course, I hope he's right, but I doubt it highly.

::: posted by Kerry at 9:25 AM

thursday, august 8 :::
+ Nine Weeks +
You're hanging in there, little one! Today is 9w0d and our risk of losing you decreases all the time. I'm now definitely feeling my body changing. I can no longer "suck in" my tummy. It's fairly firm and definitely pooched. No, I'm not showing, and probably don't really look different, but it feels different, and I can tell it's on its way to growing big. Sleeping on my tummy is just not comfortable, and my hips are annoyed from me sleeping half on my side. But I don't want to squish you in there. :-) I know I can't, but I still worry sometimes. Wish we could see you again. Someone needs to invent a permanent, attachable ultrasound so I can flick a switch on a monitor somewhere and just watch you wriggling around in there. That would be fabulous. Of course, I wouldn't get any work done, at work or at home. That's maybe not such a good idea after all.

::: posted by Kerry at 2:17 PM

wednesday, august 7 :::
+ Sleepyhead +
You should have closed eyelids now. Tomorrow is 9w0d and you're entering some exciting times in your development. Now that our first appointment is a week history, it seems the next can't be here soon enough. I am still treasuring every day of this, and thinking of you calmly, but anxious at the same time. I just want to know for sure that you're okay in there, and I'm okay out here. So, I dream of you and talk to you and wait for more info about you. That's all I can do for now. I'm still writing in my real journal for you, so you'll have that to read someday. It isn't daily, but it's pretty complete. I hope you like it, though you'll surely think I'm weird. I don't mind.

::: posted by Kerry at 3:24 PM

monday, august 5 :::
+ Shopping +
This weekend, we looked at lots of new things for you. But we were all good, and nobody bought anything. Your daddy and I were having a conversation about the many ways we can decorate your room, just starting to think of ideas. So I had to drag him halfway across the city to Babies R Us so he could look at cribs and bedding sets. He loved it! He had to look at every single crib, every single bedding set, and the "most important thing" - every single mobile in the store. It was a blast. Then yesterday, my mother and I spent a good part of the day at the mall shopping in all the baby and maternity stores we've never been in. She noticed I have this nasty habit of looking at only girl clothes. But truth be told, they're cuter! At the moment, I'm sticking by my boy story, and your daddy thinks so too. I guess in a few weeks, we'll know for sure.

::: posted by Kerry at 1:59 PM

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