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friday, july 12 :::
+ Hormones +
Well, little one, your presence is making itself known in my hormonal imbalance today! I've been irrational and irritable all day. Fortunately, I saw it coming and I've been trying to avoid people. I am just generally unpleasant. I'll probably go home early and rest this afternoon so you can be happy and healthy. I have to take care of both of us now, and whether my body says fall asleep at 8:00 during a Diamondbacks game, or tells me to go home at 2:00 on a Friday, I will listen to it. I've asked your daddy to get me a pregnancy yoga DVD for my birthday in 2 weeks, and I'm hoping that will help my energy level. We'll see!

::: posted by Kerry at 12:49 PM

thursday, july 11 :::
+ Sharing the joy +
You know, Baby O., so many people knew I was trying for you that I have people every day asking me, "How's it going?" or "Are you pregnant yet?" Of course, it is still a secret here at work. But a friend of mine who started in the same training class last July 16th was also trying. We joked about how we'd probably get pregnant at the same time. She just ran into me for the first time in weeks, and asked, "So, any news? Are you pregnant yet?" I debated for a just a second and whispered "Yes, I am, actually. About 3 weeks. But nobody knows!" She didn't even look that surprised. She said, "Me too! About a month and a half. My husband and mother were the only ones to know until you!" Isn't that crazy?! She said she was afraid to tell because she just had a miscarriage before this one and is really nervous. I'm afraid to say it, but I'm nervous too and that is one of the reasons I'm not telling anyone. It's a scary thing, miscarrying. I pray for both of us we'll have happy, healthy babies - just weeks apart!

::: posted by Kerry at 7:56 AM

wednesday, july 10 :::
+ Symptoms +
I lied Monday when I said heartburn and fatigue were the only consistent symptoms. The heartburn is waning, fortunately. But my breasts have been very very sore since about 3-4 days after conception. And they're just getting more that way. They feel bruised, like someone used them for punching bags. My mother says it was the same for her, and that's how she knew with the second one. I joked with your daddy, Baby O., that when I get pregnant with your sibling(s) in the future, I'll know before any pregnancy test can show up positive. Now that I know what this hurting breast thing means, it's a sign I won't be able to miss! Otherwise, things are good. Still waiting for the brunt of the symptoms to come, since I know I know earlier than most and I probably have much more fun to come. I'm sleepy a lot, which daddy thinks is weird. He'll get used to it just in time for my burst of energy in the second trimester!

::: posted by Kerry at 7:24 AM

tuesday, july 9 :::
+ Another Day +
I was feeling a tiny bit nauseous this morning, but a quick snack and cold air conditioning are helping a lot. I did call yesterday morning to make an appointment with my OB/GYN. That's for August 1st, so I have to wait until then to find out more info. I've been reading my Mayo Clinic Pregnancy and Baby's First Year and What to Expect When You're Expecting books in the meantime. I've had both of them for ages now, along with miscellaneous baby stuff, just sitting in a dresser waiting for that positive pregnancy test. It's fun to pull them out now, and look at the cute crib sheets and fuzzy stuffed Easter rabbit and think the "someday" I've been waiting for is actually coming. It's a wonderful feeling.

::: posted by Kerry at 8:43 AM

monday, july 8 :::
+ Week Four or Five +
Yes indeed, we're pregnant! At last! All of this planning, and trying, and worrying, has resulted in a little miniature cellular person beginning inside of me. That doesn't seem real yet, mostly because it's so early I have very few symptoms. My only consistent ones are heartburn and fatigue. But those two bright, shining positive pregnancy tests tell the rest of the story. And I'm telling you, they were both positive in about 10 seconds; the pregnant line showed up before the control line!

The unfortunate part was Joe being out of town. I took the test on Friday, 7/5 at 8:00 p.m. Joe didn't come home until Saturday at about 7:30 p.m. Almost 24 hours of keeping the news to myself! I did call my mother on Friday night to tell her and get some of my adrenaline under control though. Saturday, we went to a baseball game with my brother and friend and I couldn't tell them! But I got a "Future Diamondback" baby baseball and Arizona Diamondbacks baby rattle after the game. When Joe came home, I showed him the present I'd gotten him, and the surprise was wonderful. No tears, no shock, just happiness and quiet surprise. You see, we didn't think we'd made it this month. It really was a surprise.

And now we get to embark on the most wonderful journey of our lives. I am so in love with Joe, and with Baby O., and the whole idea of our growing family. This journal will be my repository for all feelings and emotions baby-related. Join along as we grow into a family!

(I don't really know which week it is because of the bizarre pregnancy counting. But I know that my last monthly visitor came 5/31, I have a long cycle, and I believe I conceived around 6/20. I believe that puts me in week 4 in gestational terms.)

::: posted by Kerry at 2:18 PM

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