100 Things

1. My birth name was Kerry Lynn Devine.
2. Iíve always really liked my name.
3. Nobody can spell it right.
4. ďKerryĒ is Irish.
5. My fatherís side is almost 100% Irish.
6. My father has never been to Ireland.
7. I went with my mother to Ireland (and more) in 1992.
8. Thatís still my favorite trip ever.
9. I want to travel more with Joe.
10. When I met Joe he had only been to Arizona, California, Nevada and Mexico.
11. He thought traveling was a waste of time and money.
12. Since meeting me, we have been to Memphis, Orlando and New Orleans and now he wants to travel everywhere.
13. Most Phoenix residents are transplants from somewhere else. Joe and I were both born in Phoenix.
14. I was born 15 minutes before my friendís parents were married.
15. They were married about 5 miles from the hospital in which I was born.
16. My childhood best friend was born 24 hours before me.
17. She was a twin.
18. We ďfoundĒ each other again about 3 years ago.
19. I was engaged six months after that.
20. I met my husband through a series of friends. My very best friendís ex-boyfriend started dating someone else I didnít know. She and I became friends. She broke up with the boy, but hooked me up with her brother. Three years, three months, three weeks and two days later, I married him.
21. The nice girl is now my very strange sister-in-law.
22. I donít talk to a lot of my high school group of friends anymore.
23. I wish I did.
24. I havenít always lived in Phoenix. I lived in Seattle for 8 months.
25. I didnít know anybody there, or really have any reason to go.
26. I worked as a waitress at Olive Garden.
27. I lived in the suburbs without a car.
28. My car was in a little accident one month before I moved to Seattle.
29. I rear-ended my ex-boyfriendís Ford truck.
30. It really was an accident.
31. That was the first car I ever owned.
32. Itís still sitting, parked, in my friendís fatherís businessís back lot. It doesnít have windows anymore.
33. I feel guilty about that.
34. One of my current cars is my motherís old car.
35. She bought a nice new one on September 14th, 2001 and I drove her old one home from the dealership.
36. We considered it our way of supporting the economy after September 11th.
37. I had a very difficult time dealing with September 11th.
38. Iíve never been depressed in my whole life. In some ways, since September 11th, I still am.
39. I am pregnant (edd 3/13/03).
40. I needed Provera and Clomid for 2 cycles to get pregnant.
41. I didnít have a period for 6 months after deciding to try to conceive.
42. My good friend is trying to get pregnant too. We met on the Internet.
43. The first time we met in person, we knew we would be good, real friends.
44. The second time we met in person, she spent 2 Ĺ hours curling my long hair into spiral curls for my wedding.
45. The third time we met in person, I stayed with her at her parentsí house the night before her wedding.
46. Our fiancťs/husbands didnít met until months later.
47. Iíve met 3 friends in real life from the Internet.
48. My husband thinks thatís strange.
49. I actually agree with him.
50. We have a Scottish Terrier named Princess Fiona.
51. Sheís only sort of named for Shrekís Princess Fiona.
52. I have never had any ďrealĒ pets, besides 2 hermit crabs, 2 box turtles, 2 betas and an iguana.
53. Joeís family had just about every pet you can imagine (including a monkey).
54. I wanted a dog, but Joe did not. Joe changed his mind.
55. My brother owns Princessís brother (different litter), my father and step-mother own Princessís mother, and my step-grandmother owns Princessís father.
56. Princess is fixed; she will not be a breeding dog.
57. I donít like people who breed dogs (even though my parents do it).
58. I donít like big dogs.
59. I used to run from big dogs when I was little.
60. Iím still tempted sometimes.
61. I have my Bachelorís Degree in Communication Studies, with an emphasis on Public Relations.
62. cum laude
63. I want a Masterís Degree (in something, anything).
64. Not for more money, just to go back to school.
65. We live in our first house.
66. I will never rent again.
67. I wish we had the money to fix our house up perfectly so weíd never have to sell it.
68. I donít play the lottery, so thatís never going to happen.
69. I love my job.
70. I can never manage to adequately explain what I do (Iím a Relocation Counselor).
71. Iím going to keep working when we have a baby.
72. My husband will stay home more with the baby.
73. Weíre both happy with this decision.
74. I make more money anyway.
75. I hate tomatoes, but I love spaghetti sauce, salsa, and tomato soup.
76. I am a very picky eater.
77. I donít like that about myself, and I force myself to find something to eat anywhere Iím taken so I donít look like a problem child.
78. I like almost all sports, but I get burned-out midway through each sportís season.
79. I hated baseball until I moved to Seattle. That year the Mariners were in the World Series and this weird, tall pitcher had me mesmerized from his first pitch. Randy Johnson now plays for my home team, the Arizona Diamondbacks.
80. Heís still my favorite baseball player, and Iíll probably watch much less when he retires.
81. My mother is my best friend. So is Joe. So is Ember.
82. I donít see anything wrong with having multiple best friends.
83. I am not a very good friend.
84. I used to be, but Iím getting more introverted and more selfish all the time.
85. That annoys me.
86. I have lots of opinions, but I canít pick where to eat lunch or what to do tonight.
87. I like free websites (Tripod, Geocities) Ďcause Iím cheap.
88. I had a domain once. It was www.kerryandjoe.com.
89. I let it expire.
90. I curse too much.
91. I have a disease that is difficult to explain, but it means I canít eat wheat, oats, barley or rye.
92. I thought it went away when I was 13.
93. It ďcame backĒ when I was 26.
94. Itís genetic, so my child has a 1 in 10 chance of getting it too.
95. I dislike Phoenixís heat, but love its winters more than anywhere else in the world.
96. The heat is the only thing about Phoenix that I donít like.
97. Iíve been to 49 states and 10 countries.
98. Iíd still rather live in Arizona than anywhere else.
99. I actually hate talking about myself most of the time.
100. So Iím glad Iím finished. :-)